Depression, Mopping, & And the Power of Prozac

Becky Brownstein, we LOVE HER!!

Becky Brownstein, we LOVE HER!!

Becky Brownstein is a mother of 5 and lives in St. Paul Minnesota. She’s not only hilarious but is an incredible writer as well. We welcome Becky to this blog and hope she continues to send us her big fears….Take a look at a candid interview she was brave enough to share!

Thelma & Louise:  Becky we’re really excited you’ve agreed to be interviewed and walk into our lair, getting real is never easy, and sometimes it hurts a little, lets first start with a little background. What do you do for a living, and how many kiddies do you have?

Becky:  For a living I am a mom, but I also work part time at my kids school here in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a teacher’s assistant. I have thank G-d 5 children.  I’m excited and nervous. Not sure what’s going to be uncovered here…

Thelma & Louise:  Well that’s good, we promise  we won’t bite, and we’ll keep this as painless as possible. Imagine you’re getting a wax. in the beginning you hate it, but then you’re all, “Wow that wasn’t so bad, and look how clean and pretty I look!”

Becky: I’ll try to keep that in mind.

Thelma& Louise:  Becky you are also a very accomplished blogger, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Becky:  Accomplished is a little bit of a stretch…. After my 5th kid was born I was having a hard time dealing. In an effort for human interaction and to help me change my mind set I started a blog called spits and giggles where I could post funny things that happens in my every day life. It helped me view things in a lighter way. I then shelved the blog when my oldest daughter found out I was writing things about her for all to see.

Thelma & Louise:  Nice, throw your kids on the bus, listen we’re all guilty of that. But seriously, you say that you had a hard time dealing with things after your fifth child, what changed that put you “over the edge”, that forced you to write things down?

Becky:  Oh boy.

Thelma & Louise: I told you we were getting real.

Becky: K I guess I just dive right in then…

Thelma & Louise: Like a wax, just rip it off

Becky: I had postpartum depression-

Thelma & Louise: Oh Cool!

Becky: I totally lost my shit.

Thelma & Louise:  We love when that happens, tell us more.

Becky:  haha!!

Thelma:  Becky, postpartum sucks, did you crawl into a little ball like I did after my third was born and refuse to make dinner?

Becky:  Pretty much-  My husband has been in school for the past 9 years.  He was hardly home, I was having baby after baby and I reached a breaking point.  He is now a psychologist on the way to becoming licensed. Thank the Good

Louise:  Lord

Becky:  Right-  I knew I needed help when a box of spoons from Sam’s club spilled all over the floor and I started to cry hysterically.

Thelma:  Spoons, huh….ya that would have pissed me off too. So what were some strategies you came up with in the aftermath of the Costco Crazies?  Did you go on drugs, or did you just rely on your writing? And don’t think I’m not seeing the irony in the fact that your melt down happened while you’re husband was becoming a shrink.

Becky:  Drugs. It’s all about the drugs

Thelma & Louise:  Totes, drugs is the best. What was your flavor-  Celexia, Wellbutrin, Zanax?

Becky:  Wacky on prozacky Yo!

Thelma & Louise:  Hoo-WAH!  Nice-

Becky:  I lost my shit when I was 16 and did well on prozac then. Depression runs in my veins..It’s a constant battle.

Thelma:  I had a very similar experience after my third child, and infact did go on meds, but had decided to replace that eventually with my own seretonin called Jazzercise, an extremely well choreographed exercise routine that makes you look very white and very Jane Fonda.

Becky:  Hahaha!

Thelma & Louise:  How old is your baby now, and have you managed to wean yourself off the meds at all?

Becky:  I was only on it for a year. Just to get my mind shelved and organized. I was one big overwhelmed mess.  My baby just had his 5th birthday.

Thelma & Louise:  But it sounds like you really got your life together, tell us how did you do that?

Becky:  I went to therapy. I specifically wanted someone who specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Someone to help me learn how to not get so overwhelmed.

Thelma & Louise:  What were some of the tips you received in therapy?

Becky:  That I am only one person.  Not to stress over the things I cannot control. And as soon as I feel overwhelmed, I take a pen and paper and make a list and then put it in order of importance.My home does not need to be spotless. It’s okay if laundry is not clean and folded in drawers every single day.  I learned how to survive. Because before, I would mop my floor 4 times a day.

Thelma & Louise:  So just putting things into perspective, helping you to not become so detail oriented, and having the good sense to see the bigger picture.

Becky:  Exactly

Thelma:  Can you come over and mop my floor? Sounds like you’d be good at that.

Becky:  Nope. My OCD tendencies have been cured. I kind of miss them sometimes though.

Thelma:  Wow, I’m really disappointed. Sounds like your therapist was top notch good-

Becky:  I started crying over something at one point and he looked at me and said “Rebecca, I am not joining your pity party.” I was like, wow, you are so right!

Thelma & Louise:  Sounds like he had your number, that’s a good therapist! Becky, If you could give one piece of advice to women out there suffering with depression, what would it be?

Becky:  You’re not alone. Everyone struggles. We just like to hide it because every woman thinks they must be doing something wrong if they can’t keep their shit together.

Thelma & Louise:  Ya we do like to give that “Stepford Wives” impression, don’t we?  The funny thing is, 99.9% of us are all a mess in one way or another, huh?

Becky:  Totally! Some moms can be huge bitches…. mothering is not a competition or what you can  post on Pinterest. At the end of the day, I need to be able to stand by my children. I do not want obnoxious annoying kids. And that is something that is taught by example.

Thelma & Louise:  That’s really the point of this blog, to become less afraid of  getting real, to become authentic and to learn how to open up and stay connected to those around us and to our higher source. We are so grateful you were willing to be candid with us today!

Thelma: And I must say that although I’m  disappointed you won’t come over and clean out my drawers, I think you’re seriously the coolest Chicka around!

Louise: Ya seriously, the COOLEST! Please free to post your essays on our Thelma & Louise site, we love having you!

Becky:  Thanks love!

Thelma & Louise: One more question….

Becky: ?

Thelma & Louise:  If there was no Pinterest, do you think birthday parties would finally die out for good? And how do we pass that in legislature?

Becky:  Haha! Pinterest was created because of those frickin birthday parties. Think about it… Those moms work so frickin hard to make their kids birthday The Best! So they created Pinterest to show it off to more than just their close family and friends. It’s pure genius. Like I want a medal for having 4 successful epidural free V-bacs. Where’s pinterest for that?

Thelma & Louise:  Great ending to an awesome interview!

Becky: Now I have a question for Thelma…

Thelma: ?

Becky: Blast from the past question: Remember we lived down the block for a little while and you backed out of your garage INTO MY FRIEND??

Thelma: UM-  I hit your friend?  OMG, I’m such a terrorist!

Becky:  haha I still laugh about that.

Thelma:  ye, I do sort of remember, I’m trying to forget that, but thanks. Thanks for bringing that back.

Becky:  My pleasure

Thelma: Am I the only one that turns into a raging lunatic the second I enter a vehicle?

Becky: Ya put glass and metal between a mom and a road, and suddenly the beast is unleashed.

Thelma: Glad its not just me.

This has been an exclusive interview for Thelma & Louise 


(To get interviewed on your biggest fear, contact us as if we think you make the cut you might get interviewed, but you gotta be as messed up as Becky.)


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