The hardest part about fear is that it completely depletes our reserves. It takes up so much room, that it does not allow us to resolve the main issue. There are always big things blocking us. It’s never just ONE thing. For me, its always come in the perfect storm. Sometimes the storms present itself by not having enough money to live on, by having conflict with personal relationships, by battling weight…but it really doesn’t matter how it manifests itself, the point is to look at the outcomes and fix the MAIN problem, not just the extraneous issues.


It’s like a good ole’ plumber who’s called upon to fix six pipes that have busted. He fixes all the pipes but can’t seem to fix the larger problem, because he has completely forgotten to focus on the main pipeline that feeds the smaller ones. We can’t just focus on fixing the small stuff while ignoring the BIG QUESADILLA. Fix the big thing first, then all the other smaller stuff will resolve itself.

The problem with that is we sometimes get so consumed with the smaller stuff, because it is easier to focus on the smaller annoying crap than on the big scary one.


Exercise for the day:

Focus on the BIG ONE- the MAIN ONE stop being a sissy. Then the little things will go away.


Victim Card (let’s leave home without it)


If we begin to act like our behavior is the root cause to our circumstances versus blaming others for the today we have- suddenly the world would morph. True change starts from within.

Being a victim means we refuse to see our part in how our relationships have unraveled. It is refusing to take responsibility for our own actions. It is rooted in the fear of acknowledging our weakness and our spirit. That is the power of ego- it tricks us into thinking we are self protecting, when really we are self destructing- much like a credit card tricks us into believing we got money when we are dirt poor.

If the entire world took off one day to only focus on their own self discovery rather than on their friend’s, their enemy’s, their opposing nation’s, their opposing race or opposing religion’s behavior and began to say “what is my part- how will I choose differently-” imagine the shift our world would have.

Today I will begin to fear myself less and allow my real self to emerge.

Fearfully Courageous


There is no fear without courage-

I’m either the biggest courageous sissy or the biggest fearful warrior.

I realized I’ve lived my life like the same day over and over. I’ve done more things exactly the same and my fear has been that I’ve been afraid to change it. But maybe the fear should lie in never changing it. Imagine if I become courageous enough to face my fear of never changing and instead allow my fears to face the idea of completely radically changing- I might just manage to beat it at it’s own game.

I might just wake up tomorrow in new territory. The kind of territory I have never lived before- and I might just get the opportunity to fear that.

For to fear the unknown is true courage.

Because you can’t have fear without bravery.