Unconditional Terms

We all carry demons- the question is- are we willing to look at them and face them. That’s a very difficult courageous act.

And what if we have family members carrying those demons- how do we react to someone that we want to help but cannot fix?

It is not our job to fix someone or change someone’s behavior. That is a losing battle. All we can do is offer unconditional love and acceptance.

And what if that family member is toxic and unhealthy for our own psyche- what then- do we continue to offer undeserving unconditional love? Love is an action- if our action cannot simultaneously be part of self love, making it toxic and unhealthy for our own spirit as well- then it is no longer unconditional. If we have to make a deal with our soul- by saying,

” Soul, the only way to unconditionally love this other person is that I must abandon you- and forsake you at all costs-”

Then that is not true unconditional terms. That is purely conditional.

To be a truly unconditionally loving person we must not reject our own soul in the process or we enter a fool’s battle.



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