Kill The Terror


Fear is the greatest weapon of our present century. It can be said terror has the winning hand as it uses fear to ensue it’s agenda. The most basic instinct of fear is to become frozen or become subjugated to the whim of the terror inflictor.

A terrorist sets up their own agenda to torment someone for their own narcissistic cravings. They threaten you with the extreme what-ifs we cannot fathom by constricting our hearts and minds. They aim to make us feel small and shamed.

But if we do not stand up to our own personal fears- how can we stand up to outside fears?

Face our own inner fears and the outside terrorists will not be able to inflict any further harm to us.

Our reactions to this latest Attack in France will not and should not cause further fear- but rather it should brazen us to stand up taller to democracy, self expression, and collective consciousness that reflects the edicts of morality.

Today we mourn. Tomorrow we stand with courage. This is how we honor those innocent lives lost and diminish terror.

Kill our fear- we stop the terror.


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