Live like no one is watching

The art of a dancer is in her suspension of personal safety that lifts as she allows her body to react to the music with full intention. That fearless collaboration of body, mind and soul exists in that moment. No longer is she inhibited by the whims or constriction of others. In that moment of dance, she is one with the music and does not mind expressing it. The confidence she has in knowing her body will follow her heart gives her the freedom to be invaded by hope, longing, love. She doesn’t care deeply about her ego in that moment- that self protective layer that forces others to only see the outer controlled defined interpretation of being- rather she allows others to dance with her in open acceptance of both her’s and their existence.

We all have layers we carry for fear of being seen for our truth. Because our truth scares us.

Today I will dance like no one is looking. I will walk with the hope to become. Not to please a false sense of honor I am hoping to attain or a false sense of control that hides my true self. But to please the movement of the music, that is called living free.





  1. Jennifer Townsend · January 12, 2015

    Great pictures! And message, too, of course.

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