Just Put Out

We tend to be most fearful of intimacy – paradoxically humans are creatures who crave it the most. We don’t want to go the distance unless we feel treasured- but how many of us out there are afraid of allowing ourselves the joy of actually being treasured-

If we want to feel intimate- we have to be willing to BE intimate without fear of rejection. That fear is debilitating. The narratives of why someone might be rejecting us that we tell ourselves are a lot of time not even true. So change it!

If we want to be seen- we have to be willing to be revealed.

True revelation is attained through connection without any expectations. That applies to human intimacy and spiritual connection as well.

If we want to feel close to those we love- that includes our Higher Power, we cannot wait for the feeling- we have the power to create that feeling.

This does not just apply to romantic intimacy- but all intimacy.

Today let’s be brave to connect – to put our best food forward and be in connection vs just craving connection.

Go ahead ” put out” a little- see what happens….




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