walk the plank


There are just those days that create a corner. You know ’em….suddenly a new state of news are delivered that opens up a path we weren’t expecting to head down. Sometimes that path is deeply exciting. Other times it is terrifying.

What if we receive news that puts on a path we’d really never choose to head down at all? Is there a remedy for that?

Because when fear sets in before that path is walked on- doubt forces us to become numb. The path looks bleak- how do we cope?

When we are beyond our threshold – and forced to walk the plank- that is when we pray. That is when we reach for our Power’s hand to guide us- that is the moment we grab our compass. That way- when we jump off- we are not left swimming alone.

The art of practicing spiritual connection was built for those days when corners arrive. Today close your eyes and feel that power taking your hand- you are not alone- just merely lost.


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