Planet Here & Planet There

There is a planet called “Here” that started with two creatures- we shall call them Will and Jada. The King of Planet Here lives above them behind an iron shield. He cannot be seen or heard- but Jada continually tells Will she knows the King exists- because she tells him- she can “feel the King.”

The King is quite generous and allows food to grow for the budding young couple- he sends rain that quenches their thirst and a warm light that keeps them from getting too chilled.
One day Jada and Will fight and can’t get along. The fighting escalates and they both stop talking. The dark energy forces the rain to stop coming down- they create such a powerful energy that even the sky gets grey and the sun hides because of their harsh words and negative thoughts. After many dark sad years Jada leaves to a summer planet called “There” and Will is sad and alone- plagued with regret. He has no idea where Jada has gone or where she lives now. One day Will falls asleep in a very dark sleep. He is heavy and when he wakes up he is in a new place too. He thinks this new place is no longer the planet he was brought to by the King, but he is not sure.
Finally he sees Jada and is reunited- and realize they are no longer Here but are There. They are on the other side of the iron curtain and this time they get to meet the King.
They ask the King why he hid for so many years- why they had to leave the first planet and come to this planet that has no sun and lots of clouds.
The king answers-

Your life was meant to be for eachother but you didn’t make it about one another. I gave you one another to rely on- but you forgot to see what we could accomplish together- you forgot that I existed with you. I made sure that Jada felt me – but you both never responded to my touch. You saw the iron curtain- yet you failed to remember I was behind it the whole time. You called eachother names and refused to realize the only thing required for the sun to keep shining, for the rain to keep dropping, for the air to continue was for you to hold and love eachother. But now you are here- which is really There and I hope your kids –  mike and Janet who I left at “Here”will get it right so I don’t have to wait patiently behind this iron curtain to tell them they don’t need this summer home anymore to meet me.


Where Fear Lives

Where fear lives-
Speech, thought and deed are at the cornerstone of creation. The chassidic text that holds Jewish mystical teachings called The Tanya writes that “Everything in this physical world is unholy and destroys the spirit, Anything not in the service of a Higher Power is unholy.” 
So what does the Tanya mean by this sentence? What is unholiness? And what exactly is spirit?
Unholiness is disconnection- it is severed spirit. Spirit is our true authentic selves- the sort of self that you see when holding an innocent baby- before ego has a chance to take over. It is the great breath of life that feeds your living energy and that can tantalize your Higher purpose to excel.  
When we connect spirit to matter we create the awesome experience to reveal holiness. Only when we use speech, thought, and deed to create deep connection with one another or with ourselves to reveal truth do we expose the holy matter that is at the soul spark of the physical world. 
The physical world can become elevated – however we must first acknowledge that Fear lives at the heart of the physical world. When we reveal unholiness, we expose and uncover fear. How do I know this little tidbit? Let’s take a look at what happens when fear rears it’s ugly head, shall we- 

When fear arrives, we don’t trust, we disconnect to our authenticity, we stop acting real, often we can take on someone else’s dangerous ideals and ideology and we can abandon our own. We become anxious. We feel judgement. We judge others to stop feeling the judgement. We stop acting, we start reacting. Fear causes disconnection- and what is disconnection? You got it- unholiness.

Paradoxically, When we reveal that seamless connection between mind and spirit- fear has the audacity to morph into courage.
In other words- the heart of our physical world- while it is centered in fear or unholiness has the power to change using our will. 
What happens when we live in holy courage and when we de-harden our heart?
Living in holy courage is comprised of two parts of our being. There is the holy courage unleashed in our physical state and the one that rises from our spirit, which amazingly is what also creates spirit!
Holy courage is the ability to speak and act in truth. It means connecting deeply and allowing our full hearts to be seen for its true intention- not the intention assigned to us from evil ideas or negative thoughts. But the real ideas that we carry with us from childhood rooted in innocence and covered in goodness. 
Having Holy Courage means that we can be vulnerable- look at another deeply in the eye and accept the other without judgement- holy courage is that moment when someone takes your hand and you hold on tight versus letting go. It’s that moment you say you’re wrong. It’s that moment you look around the room and not on your phone or down a bottle to see the world – to acknowledge those that might need you in that moment. It is using your voice to protect the innocent and it is being opened to hearing another person’s point of view. In short it is releasing the ego from the chamber of your heart. It is releasing the narrative that you might have created to cope- but that is clearly not coping for you.
Upon exercising holy courage- suddenly the spirit shifts along with you as well. Clarity of purpose is revealed and a great higher power is revealed that not only benefits you alone but everyone around you. Sometimes these revelations will be momentary- like a flash of sudden miraculous change where you “accidentally” stumble upon a human reaction you never expected, like a job offer, a kiss, a brief encounter that causes you to smile. But imagine a world where these revelations begin lasting hours instead of minutes- maybe days or possibly years.
It is clear that we carry so much power and so much ability to reignite our courage. We have the ability to re-stabilize the world. But we must only take that first step needed to find that holy courage. That first step to change the heart of the physical world by lessening our fear reaction and re-enhancing our courageous one.
Then and only then will we enter a new era where the Sparks of holiness will compel our world and cover it like the blanket of change it richly deserves.