Cheating Death

Death is a devastating pain- one that cannot be explained or interpreted or even rationalized- and I don’t mean to try to rationalize it- but I see something for the first time so clearly – we are all part of this narrative of death and it is literally gripping us into a choke hold – maybe I am crazy – but I’m trying to see a larger picture here- we- the “believers” have been tested far past our limitations over and over – almost to a point of madness. 
It is as if Gd himself is trying to shake us into another state of being- he is literally begging us to listen – begging us to see this state of life differently- not as a separate entity but as an extension to a larger potential world we are closing our eyes to. 
In kabbalah it is written this physical world is built on 4 separate worlds. Each one being a bubble of light that slowly emerges from the next one and the next one until the world we are in- the one with physical form stands on its own with only hidden light. It is said that God created this physical world with those four worlds behind it in order to slowly remove his powerful light from every world. Because God’s light is so strong, every single world was a container on it’s own that had a different form of his light being constrained on different levels inhabiting His energy until the energy itself was created as a separate entity. 
The purpose of God removing his light to attain this extreme physical state where we can’t see him at all is because he wishes we create his light on our own. And if it is already created- then we do not receive the accomplishment of us creating it on our own- for you cannot create something which is already there. However if we are charged to dig deep- then our creativity not only matters- but it is ever more powerful- for we managed to create such unique light on our own despite the pain and darkness we fumble in. 
The way a father or mother births a child for the hopes of seeing our own values and our own ideals and new accomplishments unfold in a separate entity is the way God wishes to see his own world- Separate yet embodying His essence, apart yet conjoined in our efforts. 
To be fully articulated as physical beings with spirit- we are charged with the difficult task of infusing these seemingly opposing forces as one. I believe when this is finally accomplished a 5th world will be created- a divine world created by humans- the ultimate fusion will take place, it is but only up to us to achieve this great adventure through continued connection. 
Let us not allow death to defeat this bigger picture. let us not allow our spirit to weaken as a result of pain and suffering- let us rise past the darkness where our light will beam on its own- where great possibilities can emerge despite grief- maybe in spite of grief. 
To the darkness i say- thank you. You are here to trick us into believing our own light cannot be realized- but infact it is because of you darkness- that our light will not only overshadow you- but will wipe you out all together. Get ready. Your days are numbered. 



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