The Work In Progress


She entered the room
My ego- without me
I tried catching up
too smooth -that bourgeoisie
She kept talking so loud
I couldn’t contain her
She stormed through the crowds
Like the big entertainer
As if she was the only one born
The me I saw thought she was adored
But the me I know understands much more
Me- I thought she was a twit
Everyone whispered
Who is that- she is it
But I knew deep down
She stood for so few
Thought she knew better
Then most of us do
She swung from side to side
As falsehood replies
Talking to the real me
That ego of mine
What a fake what a phony
How everyone buys what she’s selling-
So I’m quieting her down
That fake shitty louse
And leading from the real
Tuning out that powerhouse
That ego of mine who thinks she can lead
She has no idea what I’m capable of
She can’t understand my beliefs
She got so excited when I gave her attention
Flaunting herself in her one party convention
She whispers inside my vulnerable mind
She captures my thoughts and hijacks my time
She rushes in swiftly and handles my head
Like a slithering snake with no compass- mislead
I don’t seem to know her or like her anymore
Myself has been watching her tricks schemes allure
I’m watching her closely and realizing how far
She is from the me I now know is ajar
From the whimpering sniveling mastermind that hijacks my thoughts and borrows my time
From the taunting twerk of her banter lines
To her idle waste of my precious mind
I’m releasing this brat from the place she contains
And forcing her to be imprisoned bridled and tamed
No worshipping or honoring will this ego be served
Nope this bitch has to go
I’m kickin her ass to the curb



The Numinous


It’s filled w joy and tension love
Flapping wings like a pure dove
It has a mind, a heart, a soul
Birthing amongst thorns and blood
Inside the heart beyond the stud
That’s where it lives – a bubble tugs
A longing a desired nod
That’s where it lives
The numinous luminous beauty

Oh how it longs to be seen
To be close to soul of choice
The place of love and song and noise

But there it lives inside the cave
Hiding yet can’t be contained
It births inside enchanted hearts
Connection can’t tear it apart
Like ropes from heaven
Catching us
A lively veil of numinousness
Waits. It waits.

To catch us from our deepest selves
To hold us tight in midnight realm
To be seen before the ego comes
To lead us every single time

This luminous numinous

inside of us

yearns to be heard
Yearns to be seen
Yearns to make a difference
Cure the green
Echoes vibrate past hollow chambers
It lives so deeply we can’t remember
Layers of space sandwiched to gather
Pain so much painful chatter
we Wonder-
Do we possibly matter?

So much anger suffering
Hate filled talk subsides
Merry gonna wish a ride
And we’re longing

To see change
To have No more blame
No more different unacceptance
Tolerance for you
Luv for me

But it’s not here-
This numinousness
Why won’t it land before the strain
Why won’t it paint a different change
Why can’t it interrupt the pain
Oh all the painful chatter

Yes luminous numinous is inside of us
A stirring it can fill the hole
The gaping void we deem to tug
Longing to become replugged

It oozes into thoughts and deeds
The numinous air lives as it breathes
As final breaths rise the numinous smoke moves
Through lofty thoughts of love it soothes

All animals can feel its warmth
All butterflies flap to elongate its dwarf
The earth rotates to have it slither
Across the globe and galaxy come hither

The numinous love cannot be tamed stopped killed murdered or maimed
Blinded foiled willed to stop
It can’t be taken or harmed or lured or sacrificed to gods or lords

It has its presence up beyond the place that even we were born
It’s holiness cannot be touched

This numinousness inside of us

It’s here to stay
Despite the hurt
here to live to breathe to bloom
Never can it be removed
Its holiness cannot be touched
By anyone except for us

It can be reached
It can begin to fly and soar
It can exist outside the realm
Of hate speech pain and prison cells
It can lead
It can reign
It can bring about the change

We long to hold
It can be done
It can warm
It can exist

This numinous veil inside of us
This numinous beauty inside of us
This numinous luminous we all lust