This is a blog about FACING FEAR and GETTING REAL.

We are women who are trying to live out loud. It is not easy. We screw up. Sometimes we freak out, get too scared to say our truth, or blurt out a bad word and cry our eyes out like weak little sissies. Other times we finally get it right. Those times that we do get it right, that we manage to really get real and speak our truth are the times we have the deepest connections, the most incredible moments that draws upon our strength in times of difficulty. After recognizing this, this awesome incredible freakin amazing epiphany, which we realized is the essence of all epiphanies, we realized we HAD to share it with the world. Cause let’s face it,  It’s time we all grew up and got real. Life’s too short to pretend all the time that things are perfect, pretty and packaged like little sparkly cookies.


Our goal is to say it like it is. No one ever died from sayin the truth, so why start now?  I mean have you ever seen an epidemic rise as a result of truth telling? Have people gotten ravaged by the dark plague from truth telling? Did an entire country get eaten by aliens because someone spilled their guts about wanting to be real?

We think not.

Our goal as truth tellers is to be honest, raw and uninhibited in our eventual ability to relay the truth about what we want to be, who we want to become, and how to finally freakin get real.

We’re the Thelma Louise of the generation and have decided to jump off the cliff with complete honesty in an effort to embrace courage, stay present and become our best selves.

If you are a funny hilarious witty “Thelma” or “Louise” who has a GET REAL essay entry that tells us how you are improving your life by getting real or going home please submit it to our team! We would love to include your GET REAL stories on our site.

Please no complaining, irritating rants or obnoxious comments why you think this blog sucks.  (We already do that with each other in between our “I’m a sissy, I need help getting real” temper tantrums.)

To read more about the author and brainchild behind  this blog CLICK HERE (Her name is Chava, but she’d rather be called Thelma, cause she’s sick of being a scared little sissy. Here’s her Thelma picture…




Hey Thelma & Louise, I’d loved to be interviewed, what’s your process?

Great question!

Our goal is to interview all kinds of heroes on what their big fears are. We say heroes because if you’ve confronted your fear with courage- you’re a hero in our eyes. In interviewing different heroes some have told us their biggest fear is coming forward with their secret of owning their own kidney illness, their depression, getting raped, being afraid to tackle parenthood, even being afraid of being left alone. In quantifying and demystifying these fears, we hope to empower not only ourselves but you  into realizing the full potential that exists inside all of us. Mostly we want to smack fear in the face, turn it on its head and not allow fears to become our weakness, but our biggest opportunity for growth. Some may want to submit their own articles, but others would rather get interviewed. Its up to you! But if you are funny, honest, and ready to tackle the big issues, please do let us know, and we will set up your interview on G-chat. IF you’re really brave, We’ll even be willing to set up a Skype interview- All Skypers get a “You’re No SISSY” award. Be warned.


Leave us a comment or connect with us on our Thelma and Louise Facebook group HERE our response time is like 3.2 minutes. It’s quite epic actually.

To connect with Chava’s Facebook page try it out HERE

img_7463 She’d be thrilled to hear from you. Also getting likes on Facebook is the actual prescription to getting over fear. Apparently her Doctor is also a moron.






  1. Jennifer Townsend · January 7, 2015

    Just discovered your blog. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

    • CHAVA · January 7, 2015

      Thank you! Welcome to the movement! The movement to use our damn voices to scare the shit out of our fear!

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